Soulful Scottish singer-songwriter Kathy Muir conjures enlightened songs that paint vivid landscapes of her journey as she transforms elements of pop, folk, blues and jazz into brand-new sounds. Her warm, playful voice glides through lyrics that unfold like the words of an inviting diary. The addition of ethereal guitar melodies and rhythms of an orchestra of other instruments help recount the story of a well-traveled life.

Muir’s honest songwriting and photography skills enrich her intimate, multidisciplinary approach to her art.

Artist collaboration

Muir’s frequent collaborations with artists across media have allowed her to evolve her work and extend the boundaries of singer/songwriter material into unexpected realms. Her song Second Life explores metamorphosis and change and celebrates her love of sweeping, dramatic ballads.

Raised in Edinburgh’s south side, Muir felt spellbound by the catchy folk hymns sung at Sunday church. Her roots in spiritual songs stuck with her as she voyaged to Scotland, France and now Stamford, CT, where she resides. Along the way, she has found her own inner voice as a songwriter. Muir has equally found an organic approach that is inspired as much by her personal experiences as by her own boundless energy and pure imagination. The melodies flow through her as she ties them together with delicate threads of chords and lyrics.

What’s next

Muir is also working on a personal project about the restoration of her father’s guitar, writing song Playing Fields on this family heirloom.  She seeks to create a music video showing both the luthier repairing the instrument and Muir performing it.  

The greatest songwriters are seldom songwriters alone. Some are creative polymaths while others synthesize elements from an array of forms into a wider songwriting vision. Kathy Muir is more than a songwriter.” Jason Hillenberg, Music Emissions

Kathy Muir

Scottish singer-songwriter Kathy Muir

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