With a distinctive voice and lyrical style that combines a blend of acoustic and pop influences infused with a hint of jazz, Kathy brings a unique spectrum of songs to the stage.

The music is as unconstrained by artistic boundaries as the woman herself. As a young teenager growing up on Edinburgh’s south side, Kathy loved to sing Sunday ‘songs’, at her local church. When folk hymns were introduced to the church and her mother became one of the choir singers, Kathy started to pick up on these catchier tunes. Within a few years she too wanted to join the folk group. Now equally drawn to the guitar Kathy started to learn on a friend’s old acoustic guitar. After six months she had secured a position in the folk group and would head to church early every Sunday to practice before mass. This love of spiritual songs has continued to grow over the years and Kathy has learned to find her own inner voice now resulting in her now individual style of songwriting.

As a singer-songwriter Kathy knows what she likes and what suits her voice. Whilst comfortable playing acoustic pop, her jazz and blues influences weave through her songs. Her vocal and lyrical style remains singular and instantly identifiable: an expressive range that is soft and intimate, yet sassy and upbeat with a natural, unforced delivery that captures the imagination.

An extension to Kathy’s music is her love of art and nature. The Seattle Camera Club (1924-1929) is a major part of her life. Introduced by a friend, Kathy fell in love with the SCC’s style of pictorial photography. She has since worked with the University of Washington and author David Martin to create one space, one gallery to house some of the photographs. With regard to the latter, she is a keen follower of John Muir .

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