Fallow From Our Minds
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Where once they fell
Beneath a bloodshot sky
To the screech of shells
That shredded lives

Flowers now suck from decaying bones
In soil rich with fallen memories
No rifles or bayonets, just dirt and stones
In land steeped with gorious deeds

Fallen where they stood, now rising at nature’s pace
Folded in unforgiving ground now offering release
With flowers worshipping land where they graced
Stalks stretch to a sky that arms never reached

Gentle now the land that took them with pity
Regenerating their being on sunlit days
Where butterflies kiss sunflowers with gaiety
Whose surrogate arms help them touch summer’s haze

The day yawns and turns its head
To past and present and a hopeful tomorrow
With softer skies and memories to bed
Let these halcyon lands never lie fallow

From our minds


Fallow From Our Minds

‘Stalks stretch to a sky that arms never reached’

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