Keep on Walking (single)



  1. Keep on Walking

On the 6th April, 2013, I was at home listening to the Civil Wars when I saw @art_is_Homeless followed me on Twitter. It appeared they were two Miami high school students. I clicked onto their website to discover a viewbook containing powerful photographs of the homeless in their city.

The poignancy of the Civil Wars’ ‘I Want You Back’ playing in the background emphasized the power of these images that were disturbing yet beautiful, hard hitting yet infused with optimism. I went on to read about their cause which involved inspiring other students to raise awareness about homelessness through artistic expression: ‘photography, film/video, paintings, poems, dance/ballet’.

However, one thing was missing from their commentary: music.

Keep On Walking was born. Read my blog for full details.



Words and lyrics: Kathy Muir
Vocals and guitars: Kathy Muir
Piano: Kathy Muir
Bass: Steve Hansen
Percussion: Kwame’ Henry Jones
Recorded and produced by: Steve Hansen



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