Morning Song


  1. Morning Song

Take my coffee in the morning were the first words I wrote for the beginning of Morning Song. This is a simple folk tune. I have a small west-facing balcony that looks westward and a clearing of trees the size of sticks.  I would often sing I Want To Lay Down just as the sun was setting. During the Summer months, I’d go out there very early so as to feel fresh air and before the sun became impenetrably hot. And that is how Morning Song was written. Each morning I’d take my guitar and a cup of coffee.

These twice-daily Summer visits became a kind of ritual. I’d look out and think of my family. I’d look up and think of this big circle of life that keeps us moving, in search of a direction we hope is the right one. As the melody became more established over those Summer months, so too did the lyrics.

Happy Listening!


Kathy x


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