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It’s that time of year when I get to go home to Scotland for a decent amount of time.

Last spring, the folks at Shore Radio had me on as their guest (thank you!). It was a buzz having an opportunity to talk about current projects and, most importantly, the Keep on Walking single.  It was on Ricky Templeman’s show that we debuted the song before it was released globally.

This summer, Ricky has me on his show again (see details below) during which we’ll be airing the first ever radio air play of Believe The Impossible, out on June 25th in all major online stores. Inspired by the Connecticut open roads with my newly acquired Bonnie (Triumph Bonneville), I wrote the song last August. However, we only recorded the song in October and I didn’t want to release it until summer arrived. A long wait, I know but it is a summer song after all.  Hopefully you’ll agree that it is worth the wait and you make this one of your summer songs!

We’re also doing something a little different on the show.

Piano player and talented composer Harry Whalley plays on most of my songs. We first worked together in Edinburgh before I moved to the States three years ago. Since then Harry and I have collaborated remotely. Tricky, I can tell you, but well worth it. Only once have he and I played together in the same physical space, namely Hi Top Productions’ in Stamford, CT. Even then we were in separate rooms: Harry in the live room and yours truly in the vocal booth.

So, Harry is in Edinburgh at the same time as me and we hope to bring to you two songs. You And Me Both is an up-tempo rock pop song found on the second album Book Cover Judge. When I first received Harry’s piano part for the song, I fell in love with it. Although it was meant to be tucked into the song as a background piece, hearing it bare made me see feel the song in a different way, so much so that I was torn whether to record it as a balled or as a more rocky/pop song. The latter won, but on Thursday you will hear a first ever live performance of this song and the way I hear it in my head most of the time.

We finally queued up Troubled Town for recording in the studio last August.  Written on a morning train into NYC and thinking of home, the lyrics and melody came pretty quickly. I play the song live all the time, but an acoustic guitar is so different to the sound a piano brings. It’s one of my favorite songs, perhaps because it’s so simple.

So, I hope to have whet your appetites and that you will listen to the show. You can always call Shore Radio and ask questions while Harry and I are chatting to Ricky. See you soon!



June 18th 5.30-6.15pm

Shore Radio on Tunein:

Shore Radio station: +44 131 553 0278



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