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It is finally here, the new album Book Cover Judge will be out on March 3rd in all good online music stores. The CD’s arrived yesterday and what a wonderful feeling to tear off the cellophane and look at the artwork. Of course, the music is the most important, but I am on a personal quest to try to bring back liner notes and booklets. That’s why much of the work that goes into making the albums, EP’s or singles, requires extra time to prepare the artwork.

The booklet for Book Cover Judge contains lyrics for all 12 songs, plus some photos of my own. Casting my eyes over the list of songs I can see in my mind a story for each song, both in terms of why I wrote it and what went into the creative process to bring it to fruition. Some major moments, I can tell you. And I will, next week.

So, 7 days and counting!


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