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The website’s finally live, thanks to the brilliant Nick Koumentakis ( and his infinite talents. So, apart from all these blogs and tweets and short stories, what about the music?

Well, the album is progressing slowly but steadily in the studio. We’re putting down the final vocals for Come Undone this weekend  You may have seen the video on the website. However, the full production is so much more and with a cool funky, latin feel. The foundations of three songs ‘I Will I Swear’, ‘I’ll Be There’ and ‘Never Felt Like A Woman’, are well anchored but still need more work, as and when time permits. In tandem is a project close to my heart which is a kind of ‘songs from the attic’. These are stripped down favourites, never before released, which are being recorded with clean vocal and accompanied by piano, thanks to the talented Harry Whalley ( They should soon be ready for mixing and mastering but may or may not be part of the album, as it might be an idea to produce an EP that is piano-based. Anyways, something to think about.

I’m going to Glasgow’s Audio Lounge studios in a few weeks time to record some versions of Come Undone, I’ll Be There and Jezebel. Join the mailing list and let me know which one you’d prefer as a free download. Answers on a postcard…!

Finally, I’m in Hi-Top Productions ( recording studios in Stamford, Connecticut mid-October for a few days and hope to record a first take of a new song I’m currently working on called ‘Sweet and Easy’. The lyrics are taking a while to form as I want them to be self-standing in their own right, regardless of musical accompaniment. Unusually, I have too much I want to write about where this song is concerned so it is a challenge with a difference. I’ll keep you posted.

In between all this studio work, there will be some live events but please do join the mailing list on the Kathy Muir website or check to ensure you don’t miss out!

Thanks for checking in

– Kathy

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