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I played in the 60-minute set at Wednesday’s show, live at The Fez. You always plan out how many songs to play, assuming they are 3-4 minutes long but, somehow you never manage to play them all. I think I’ve realized that, for some songs, I like to say a few words. The night at The Fez was no different.

I clearly had to say a few words to introduce Morrigan’s Wing who were making a special appearance to perform with me on Born By the Water. I don’t have other musicians performing with me that often, but when this happens, it is so refreshing and a lot of fun. With only one rehearsal 30 minutes previously, Morrigan’s Wing  did a great job of adding some interesting texture to Keep on Walking. To round off the evening I finished with what is currently one of my favorite, favorite songs entitled If I Can Breathe. The atmosphere in The Fez had been relaxing, with a really cool, chilled vibe. So, I called Morrigan’s Wing back up on stage to see what they add to the song. True to form Donna did provided a really earthy rhythm with her bodhran, and Lori played some wonderful landscaped notes to counter the fast pace of the song. I have to say that I was smiling a lot during the performance because I was literally hearing music to my ears for the first time thanks to both musicians.

A friend of The Fez, Dan DeVos, filmed this live performance of Fairytale Lies. I hope you enjoy. Please give a thumbs up and share if you like it. Even better, tell me what you’d like to see live in one of my shows and I’ll make sure it’s filmed. Email me at [email protected]

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