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Sherwood Island State Park in Westport, Connecticut overlooks Long Island Sound and on particularly clear days you can see the Manhattan skyline. This was the setting of an early Sunday morning walk along the Park’s shoreline whilst in Connecticut for a few more days. The place was deserted.

I love trees.

As we walked past the rusting BBQ stands, the frozen puddles and the deserted picnic benches, there stood on the day’s horizon a lone tree, beautiful and bare. When I remarked upon it to my friend, he explained that this area of the park is actually home to Connecticut’s 9/11 Living Memorial. I looked across the water and vividly remembered in person the Manhattan skyline on that particular day in 2001.

On this bright Sunday morning, I felt very thankful to have been brought here, to have walked along the Park’s shoreline, walked around the actual memorial and to share a thought for all the victims.

Yes, it was a beautiful morning. It was a beautiful tree.

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