You come to me cold, I wrap my arms around you
And tell you it’ll be alright
But you push my words away, get up and start the day
Leaving our troubles far behind

You say ‘you’re always about the words and not the deeds
Won’t you spare some time for me
You say you do what you can
To make you a better man, make you a better man’

Then how do you explain the times I’ve never faltered
To give you everything you need
I know how to compromise, but at times I have to tell
I think I lost my self-belief

You still think that I am into my old ways
But I was young and I know those were the days
When I didn’t care or give a damn
About being a better, being a better man

There is a house in New Orleans they call the rising sun
And it’s been the ruin of many a poor man, oh God I know, I know I’m one

I think the only time I find your satisfied
Is when you keep me down and say I never tried
You just don’t see what I began
I made me a better man, made me a better man

What is a better man if I can’t be who I am