I love you babe, the only way I should
I know that you would love me more if you could
I feel the love inside, know my heart’s alive
When this aching is making me want you so very much more
It is simply that

I love you, you’re still a mystery to me
But I feel alive, when you take my hand, take my hand, take my hand the way I want, the way I want
Oh can’t you see how I love you now, for as long as I am walking, talking
Breathing your beautiful sighs – oh baby oh

I just love you babe, you raise me up, you bring me down
In the darkness of the night you when were all mine
Remember feeling strong, feeling weak, feel it long, feel it deep
Baby, baby, baby I know babe I know, oh baby oh I just

Love you babe, I can’t help but love you babe
The feeling cries inside of me to my very core, to my very soul – I don’t want to eat, I don’t want to speak
I just idolize you, I can feel your light moving further
Further away from me baby I know – oh baby oh I

Just love you babe, I can’t help but love you babe
It’s simply that I love you