Getting on this morning train
My head’s in the clouds
Well I know that you’ve been gone so long
I didn’t know where I was bound

’cause things were getting harder
Oh can’t you now try and just take me
To where I can find a little piece of mind
Far from this troubled town

Passing by these homegrown towns
A pictorial elegance
That soothes me and heals me, I don’t know why
Since I don’t know when

I see the simplest things
And it takes me back to when I was young
When neighbors were friends
And life felt sweet

Far from this troubled town that climbs so high
Till you can’t even reach for the sky
Just strands of light that you cup in your hands
Drink slowly and give thanks

Well my mother told me something
I will always remember
She said the load you carry may weigh you down
But never more than you can bear

Be the woman you can
Try to find compassion for everyone
And make sure your heart finds peace of mind
Far from this troubled town