“Everybody’s preaching at me what to say”

It ain’t no mystery, you just got to pray

“What? For a better land or a better life?”

Yeah, well it was always there, why d’you give yourself so much strife?


Just try coming round, try coming round


“Everybody’s searching for a different sound”

Just sing your tune though you don’t think it’s loud

“They think they see it all but they’re really blind”

Well maybe they found what they’re looking for but you’re just too proud


To try coming round, try coming round


You say no one’s there for you but I’ve tried to call

You say it’s hard to pin you down

Then you say no one cares for you, no one really cares at all, hey…

You can’t see the woods for the trees but you’ll cry me a river

You try to save the air that you breathe; you say it won’t last forever

You better learn what you need before it’s too late


Try coming round, try coming round

Try coming round, hear the sound

Of a different time, you know can be found but


You’re giving it this, you’re taking that

You’re wanting it all as a matter of fact

But I don’t believe you’ve ever tried


Coming round