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April is a month packed full of goodness, starting with the release of a single entitled Keep on Walking from the forthcoming album BookCoverJudge. I wanted to release this song as a single because, well, it has its own story to tell.

The song was inspired when two high school students from Miami started to follow me on Twitter (@art_is_homeless) in April 2013.  When I went to look at their website, I discovered some amazing black-and-white photographs. You can read more at this weekend: about the song, the Kiener brothers amazing artistry and how we combined the forces of music and photography to make film.

The song is actually being mastered in New York this Thursday, April 10th. I’ve always wanted to see what happens in a mastering studio, so I’m pretty psyched, especially if I can film some of the session and share it with you.

Keep on Walking will be available on Bandcamp on Saturday April 12th. Included in the release will be a PDF Digital Booklet containing some of the brothers’ artwork, a brief background to the project, and hopefully a link to the music video, which I’ll soon publish on the videos section of my website. It’s all pretty exciting stuff! Ordinarily, Bandcamp only allow PDF Digital Booklets for album releases but they are making an exception because they are delighted to support this great cause.

Now this is where you come in!

If you buy the song from Bandcamp, 50% of the proceeds will go to Miami’s Camillus House. If you can’t afford to buy the song, please share the Bandcamp link or share the music video; tell your friends; share it on Facebook, Twitter or organsations you think will listen. Anywhere you think will make a difference.

On April 18th Keep on Walking will also be available on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay and Spotify as well as Rdio, Deezer and Beats Music.

Finally, I wanted to tell you that I am going to be a guest on Edinburgh’s Shore Radio.  They have been brilliant about playing some of my songs and have asked me to come on the show to have a chat and sing live. So, you’ll get to hear some tunes from the forthcoming album, an unplugged version of Keep on Walking, plus some other surprises! So make it a date: Shore Radio, 18th April 5.30-6.30pm during Ricky Templeman’s drivetime show or you can also listen on the Tunein Radio app. If you have any questions during the show post them on Shore Radio’s Facebook Page.

Stay tuned, things are just warming up and I don’t just mean the weather!

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