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A World of Music

There’s so much good music out there deserves to be heard. Pretty much on a daily basis, I try to make some time to read music blog reviews of new artists. I usually use my Twitter list of US/UK music blogs to cut to the chase. Let’s face it, you can get lost in the Twitter vortex.

I started a blog on as I wanted to hone my writing skills as well as share my photography. Anyways, I discovered a whole new world of writing. The quality of penmanship is good across a whole gamut of topics but especially the music reviews to the point that you really want to make the time to go and listen to the music. That’s how I recently discovered PRIDES and Majik.

The Hype Machine

Armed with a scribbled list of artists, I then go to my three different music playing platforms. For uptempo pop/ambient, I’ll go to the Hype Machine (“Hype”) because you not only hear the music but Hype recommends other artists and songs. A major bonus is the list of blogs who covered a particular song or album, which allows you to read up more about the artist. When you listen to a lot of songs it’s helpful to be able to put them into categories. Hype lets you rename its three categories. I call mine Pop, Rock, and Mellow.

Spotify and Soundcloud

Spotify (my personal account) and Soundcloud are great for locating your chosen song but for listing other variations of the song. I have heard some fantastic acoustic versions of pop songs. My favorite is still Soundcloud, probably because of its open architecture: anybody can upload anything and that is why you hear so many cool remixes of songs. Even nicer is the fact that you hear some new artist who uploads a simple, unplugged song that blows you away.

SPOTIFY LOVERS: When Spotify makes an artist’s music available, the artist needs to have more than 250 followers before they can own the page Spotify created for them.  If you liked this post and/or liked the playlist. Can you please follow me on Spotify once you login, and help me on my journey, thanks!

Make A Sound!

2 thoughts on “Make A Sound! March 2017 Music Playlist

    1. Putting together an April one as we speak. What would we do without music, eh? I did a two-hour show last night here in Connecticut. It was so lovely to see the reaction of people’s faces:). Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be posting a lot of news this week.

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