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New Single ‘SHADOW’ sees November release

The second of Kathy Muir’s pop songs, this earworm pop song has a cool vibe that tries to convey a strong message about being true to yourself.

Click on the Shadow link to watch the video and to access links to major online stores.

For more background, read Kathy’s blog post ‘ Coming out of the Shadows

New Music Video October release ‘You Never Knew Me’.

This kind of lo-fi effect was inspired by the works of Joshua James. Once in the studio we switched things up and I had the joy of playing a 1964 Fender JaguarYou Never Knew Me talks about how people think they know you but don’t always look beyond the obvious.

Click on the link for a selection of your favourite online stores and to watch the video shot in upstate New York.

You can read more the Rough Diamond Sessions for You Never Knew Me here

New Single Out now: ‘Morning Song’

Take my coffee in the morning were the first words I wrote for the beginning of Morning Song. This is a simple folk tune. I have a small west-facing balcony that looks westward and a clearing of trees the size of sticks. During the Summer months, I’d go out there very early so as to feel fresh air and before the sun became impenetrably hot. And that is how Morning Song was written. As the melody became more established over those Summer months, so too did the lyrics.

Download Morning Song from the stores listed here or listen to it on Spotify by clicking on ‘Morning Song on Spotify

RADIO: Amazing Radio to feature ‘If I Can Breathe’

New Music

Jim Gellatly is one of Scotland’s leading radio presenters and DJ’s. With regular podcasts on Mixcloud and monthly playlists on Spotify, Jim scours the live scene, listens to, and supports the wave of emerging artists coming out of Scotland, and beyond. Many artists have featured on Amazing Radio thanks to Jim.

Go to the Amazing Radio blog post for more info.

PRESS: Stereo Stickman reviews ‘River Running’

Extract below:

Time Is Best Served Slow

“Kathy Muir’s long awaited single and video release for River Running, from the EP 2+2=4, has finally arrived. The resulting visuals make for a beautifully artistic accompaniment to the song – delicately captured, natural shots effortlessly represent the underlying ideas and this evolution that we all experience from childhood to adult life” .

It’s incredibly easy to sit back and enjoy this kind of scenery at the best of times, even when the video quality isn’t that impressive. In this case, everything has been flawlessly presented and polished, and the song sounds stunning alongside of it all. For those who revel in the escapism of genuine, heartfelt music and artistry – this is well worth exploring.


Read the Stereo Stickman article



New EP ‘2+2=4’ plus music video ‘Try Coming Round’

Release of 2+2=4

July 2017 saw the release of 4-track EP aptly named 2+2=4.  This EP has been in the making for over the last year. The songs are stripped down to respect the tone of the lyrics, which I realize, have the same woven thread running through them: they’re organic, honest and lyrically poetic. For these particular songs, I saw a lot of imagery when I was writing them

Try Coming Round

To mark the launch of the EP, I also released the music video for one of the songs on the EP. Try Coming Round was filmed on location in the recording studio. Some of the footage shows me recording the vocals for the song, as well as my having a go at playing mallets. I have never sat at a drum kit before and, I have to say,  it was fun!

For more detail check out the blog here.

MUSIC REVIEW: “A contemplative, part hopeful part melancholy piece of music & writing”

Music Review of ‘Pocketful of Sand’ by online magazine Stereo Stickman.

Described as ‘a contemplative, part hopeful part melancholy piece’, read the music review of Pocketful of Sand.

“Pocketful Of Sand is the long awaited release from songwriter extraordinaire Kathy Muir. This delicate, piano-led folk song offers a minimalist approach to expression and presents just a few lines of thoughtful lyricism throughout the whole recording; for listeners to take on and attach meaning to in their own unique way. The accompanying video for the song adds a striking level of imagery that re-emphasises each of these lines beautifully. All in all, you get a contemplative, part hopeful part melancholy piece of music and writing.

Stereo Stickman music review of Pocketful of Sand

MUSIC REVIEW of Pocketful of Sand from online magazine Stereo Stickman.

South Korean Visual Artist

Jun “Sean” Sung Hyun is the artist behind the single sitting video, a creative whose sketches brought to life the images desperate to emerge from Kathy Muir’s mind as she wrote the song. The two art forms go together superbly, a perfect match in fact; the video is a peaceful and enjoyable visual outpouring that feeds further into the concept of this pocketful of sand, this pocketful of something that can’t long be held or kept whole in its initial physical state.

About the Song

The song itself is a gentle and notably organic piece of music. The simplicity of the instrumentation pays tribute to the value of reflective and honest songwriting – nothing fancy is needed, nothing flashy or over the top. The song alone and the artist’s emotional exploration of it, throughout the performance, does the ideas and the melody more than enough justice. The sound has a freshness and slight vulnerability about it, something likely to intrigue most listeners, and yet the familiarity of Kathy Muir’s voice and musical style steps forward almost instantly when the track and video begin to play. As mentioned, it’s a long-awaited release, and a welcome return.

Download the track via iTunes or listen on Spotify. To find out more about the song check out the video for The Making Of Pocketful Of Sand. Visit Youtube to watch the latest Vlog from Kathy Muir, and find & follow her on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to stay updated.”

Sketch representing song lyrics "You carry your pocketful of sand". Artist: Jun SungHyun

Sketch representing song lyrics “You carry your pocketful of sand”. Artist: Jun SungHyun

Pocketful of Sand: sketchwork in motion Part 1

Pocketful of Sand is out this Friday, May 19th.

Each day leading up to the release, I’ll post frames taken from the music video. Each image sought to visually represent lyrics in the song. Here are two of the sketches.

See the light I can see
Be the one I can’t be
Hold it all in your dreams
And keep it safe

I still remember the day
You’d light the sky night or day
And I believed what you’d say
And keep it safe

So was this love or another guise for everybody?”

BBC Taboo social media creative replies on Twitter

The blogosphere

They say little things please little minds. And if that’s the case then I’m especially happy after waking up this morning and opening Twitter.

I blog on website Niume. Follow Magazine is a very cool Australian online magazine that is also a member on Niume. Founder Nathan March commented on my post that he thought the song was great and that my post really illuminated the process beautifully. I was very happy to read his comment but even happier to find that he shared my article on Twitter. When I discovered this I thanked Nathan and wondered if the BBC Taboo show would be interested.

As you can see in the photo below, I awoke at 6 a.m. EST to see this tweet from Richard Barley, a social media creative for the BBC and I guess one of the team members who can reply to the hashtag #bbctaboo.

It’s the little things that count :-).

#bbctaboo creative liked Same As Letting Go

#bbctaboo creative liked Same As Letting Go