‘Rough Diamond Session: Same As Letting Go

I write a whole heap about new song ‘Same As Letting Go over on my blog page. If you’re interested in the creative process, would like to read the lyrics or want to actually see me playing the song then you can read the article here.

Yamaha Clavinova piano

My piano

What other news? Producer Steve and I met up late last week and signed off You Never Knew Me and Try Coming Round. These are two songs from the forthcoming 4-track EP entitled 2+2=4. I’ll be posting some info soon about this but will be telling you all about it in my newsletter. It’s never too late to sign and join our little community.

I let Steve hear the acoustic version of French song ‘Si Doucement’ and structurally, we’re all good on that one, so our plan for next week is to finish the pop version of the song and , time permitting, recording one take of the acoustic version. I’d love to squeeze in 30 minutes to record Same As Letting Go, so we’ll see.

What else? Oh yes, I have seen the artwork for the EP and it’s looking wonderful. I’ll be sharing it exclusively in my newsletter at the end of this week. Just sayin’