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A sign of the times?

Some of you may know I love photography as much as songwriting. I’ve been following photographer Mike Browne for at least five years and continue to take away some amazing learnings. He has a way of making you see things differently. Even in nationwide lockdown.

So, why don’t you join me by signing up to Mike’s new (free) course which helps us all to be creative at home and during these difficult times? ‘Lockdown’ doesn’t mean creative lockup.

What Mike Browne says about the course

“This free twelve-week programme of teaching, exercises and competitions will help you appreciate your home environment in a way you would never have believed possible, finding beauty in every angle and shadow.

No one wants Lockdown, but it’s a great opportunity to practise new ways of seeing and photo techniques, whilst keeping yourself and others safe whilst growing your skills and having the opportunity to win free access to my online courses.

I’ll post a free video tutorial every Sunday at 19.00 pm (UK Time) that also sets a challenge for you to enter an image in our weekly Photography Locked Down competition on Facebook.

Winners and runners will be announced ‘Live’ on Youtube the following Sunday by myself – and some superstar guests I promise you won’t want to miss. You’ll get the next free tutorial and photo challenge immediately afterwards.  

This is an amazing opportunity to grow your skills, win free access to online training and keep your mind out of mischief – you literally give it your best shot”.

Part of the sign-up process is joining the bespoke Facebook Group which you can read about on the sign-up page.

In the community spirit, please share the link to the course with any friends and family so that we can make this a time to remember. Together.

See you in the Facebook Group!