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We’re now into early October: the scent of autumn in the air and that gentle evening bite that has you pulling your sweater close. Aye, the season has changed and we’re moving towards cooler climes, but not before looking back.

September was a great month.


I spent time with my family in France and practiced speaking the lingo a little. Listening to Euterpia Radio, France Inter and Le Mouv’ these last few months certainly helped prepare for the vacation. Being with family is the best.

I learned that ‘open mic’ is ‘mic ouvert’ but few bars existed in our part of the French countryside <Kathy scrathes chin and thinks ‘hmm, potential there’ >.

I also spent time using my iPhone video in the old country kitchen, as I thought you might like to know more about the song-writing process. Therefore, I recorded the real-time writing of a song, working title ‘jazz’. I have always loved the beginning of the song-writing process: the guitar, an idea or a melody or words and how it grows (hopefully) into something good.

Kitchen writing

In this case, ‘jazz’ stemmed from playing with two chords. It’s rough in places, but if any of you like the debut album, you’ll know that the songs eventually come out ‘polished’ and well-produced.

Once I’m closer to completing the set of videos (3/4) I’ll release the first one on You Tube and at They’re not too long. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please, please feel free to write to me.

I also thought you might want to hear a radio interview with James Lowe of KJAG Radio which took place on September 17th. This was my first interview and was kind of exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Anyways, I hope it gives you a little more insight into where I’m coming from and what I’m trying to do musically.

To cap off the month, my greatest reward was having the Edinburgh Evening News publish a story about John Muir and my song ‘Sweet and Easy’ which is dedicated to him. My own home town, the Capital of Scotland. It doesn’t get much better…

Finally, as part of my interest in the 1920’s/1930’s, there is a great series of letters written by Boxcar Girls and Boys, which really helps you understand what it was like around The Depression and riding the rail trains. These helped to inspire the latest song ‘Ride These Times‘. I can write more about music in the next Newsletter, but thought some of you may like to read these wonderful letters.

Have yourselves a good week and thanks for reading and listening.


Kathy      @theleens


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