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Well, Book Cover Judge finally made it to the shelves. And it has made it to the website. Under the ‘Music‘ section, you can listen to all 12 songs and can download the Digital Booklet that is available on iTunes if you buy the whole album. But you can have it here, for free :). Ah, it’s great having your own website!

I’m looking at the back of the CD reading down the track titles and recalling some great highs and a few tricky lows in the guise of technical challenges. If you want to hear more about the creative process, drop me a line.

You can download any of the songs by clicking the ‘BUY TRACK’ icon, which will take you to iTunes. Or, you can click here to go to my Bandcamp page where you can not only download the songs of your preferred audio format (MP3, FLAC , AIFF etc. ) but uncompressed WAV files are also available. That’s 50mb of pure audio per song. Also, the good folks at Bandcamp try to help indie musicians by allowing us to sell our wares. So, check out the physical CD. If you choose to buy one, I will happily write you a thank you note and go to the post office myself.

I hope you enjoy the songs and would love to hear from you, so do leave a comment or email me at [email protected]

Happy listening!










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