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Well it’s here, and thank you for all your well wishes leading up to the launch of Seattle Mornin’, released today on iTunes,

Exclusive to its release on Bandcamp is a Digital PDF booklet telling you about the song, the studio, the music video and the location of filming. Also included are exclusive stills from the music video. A special thanks to Bandcamp who allowed me to include a PDF Digital Booklet with the song, a freebie normally only allowed for album releases.

This project was a labor of love which took nearly two years to complete. From its very beginnings in a Seattle, WA hotel room, to the scoring of prose inspired by Picasso’s works, to finding a cubist painter who would not only be able to represent the lyrics of the song but be filmed doing so. The culmination of all this was a music video whose ‘visualscape’ truly captured the sense of the song.

I’d love to hear what you think, so please drop me a line!


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