Second Life (CD)


11-track CD includes an 8-page booklet containing ‘in-the-making’ images of the final Second Life Booklet cover, lyrics and acknowledgments.




The Second Life CD contains an 8-page booklet, the cover of which is a print of an original sketch by Gareth Edwards. The booklet also contains several photos Gareth took while making this bespoke piece of art; song lyrics; musicians who played on the songs and a series of acknowledgments.

The CD cover was taken by photographer Peter Orkin.

Track Listing

Click on songs marked in red to watch the music video

  1. Lucky One
  2. Better Man
  3. Simply That
  4. Honey Child
  5. Stop Messin’ Me Around
  6. I Want to Lay Down
  7. Born by the Water
  8. Never Felt Like a Woman* coming soon
  9. Like Warriors
  10. Troubled Town
  11. Second Life

++ Complete Kathy Muir Discography

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