Metal Photography

Why Photography?

“Photography is such a personal choice and it’s true what they say, namely that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I mean, two people may look at the same object but see completely different things. There is a real buzz when you know you’ve truly captured a moment because, long after the photo has been taken, there remains an energy to the photograph before you. That’s how I feel about the work of the Seattle Camera Club and is what I aspire to possess in my own work. I try to imagine that if I were the viewer, would I want to look at a photograph time after time. It’s this measure that helps guide me in my work”.

Why Square Photos?

Here is a photography blog I posted which explains in more detail why I enjoy the challenge of shooting square photographs.

Why Metal Prints?

I like printing my photos using the same dimensions of a record album – let’s face it, some of the most iconic artwork was found on album covers.  Printing on metal adds a further visual experience, where the image appears more detailed, more defined thanks to it being captured on this bright, vivid texture.

About The Metal Printing Process

Metal print undergo dye sublimation at 400° F inside a 32 x 45 inch heat press. An EPSON®  44-inch dye-sublimation printer uses the following 7 dye colors: black, black (light), cyan, cyan (light), magenta, magenta (light), and yellow. This printer uses rolls of transfer material specially designed for dye sublimation.

Metal print blemishes should never be a problem, which is truly one of the beauties of this exciting durable media. The high-grade sheet aluminum is bonded to a super-smooth polyester surface atop a permanent white paint. So it is completely safe to simply use any standard glass cleaner or even soap and water, with a soft non-abrasive cloth. Of course the new high-tech micro-fiber cleaning cloths are best. And if any more stubborn anomalies occur, you can actually use a standard lacquer thinner – try gentle circular motions at first so as not to mar the glassy surface… but do ultimately rinse off the residue.

The Hanging System

Each metal print is fitted with an invisible hanging system which makes it look like the images are floating off the wall. As you move around the print, and the prevailing light changes, the images truly come to life, quite unlike paper-based printing.

About The Finish

An ultra-gloss finish means unusually saturated colors, high reflectance and appearance of total luminosity makes each metal print glow.

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