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Moving forward, embracing each day

That moves the memory onward

To a different time and place

The girl I was then is not the woman I am now

And the heart I gave, has stopped with her shouts

Of acclamations and proclamations

Of seas of words and discourses heard

Now silence is wrapped up tight in a ball

That I pray won’t unravel if I hear your call

Or If standing bare I see you etch my face

Was it something deep or something without grace?

Words matter but are empty should we

Let go and let rise our inadequacy

To love boldly and brave

And take the hand we thought saved

This love

2 thoughts on “POEM: “Smoke Screen”

    1. Thanks Josh, the sun was setting at a perfect time. Shot in Edinburgh, you’ll see a range of hills to the rear. That’s where I’m from in Edinburgh, the south side. And these are the Pentland Hills. The shot was taken from the esplanade on Edinburgh Castle. Thanks again for commenting.

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