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Well, I have embraced technology and posted on Facebook a sneak preview of a song we finished a few weeks ago and one which is a firm favourite for the album, due out in the Spring. ‘Sweet and Easy’ was a complete labour of love and, as I mentioned in previous articles, I had far too many things to write about because they involved art, nature, special individuals and the love of all three.

I’ll write a specific piece in a newsletter in the New Year but for now read David Martin’s wonderful books ‘Evergreen Muse: The Art of Elizabeth Colborne ; Shadows of a Fleeting World: Pictorial Photography and the Seattle Camera Club’, both of which brought much of this song to life. These are both available on Amazon:

Sweet and Easy taster:

– Kathy

2 thoughts on “Sweet and Easy – Mp3 download available

    1. Hello Erick

      Believe me, Brazil will be one of the first countries I want to make my songs available to. You guys have been great on Facebook. I reckon you like the grooves :-). If you do like these laid-back songs, look out for ‘Never felt Like a Woman’ and ‘Come Undone’. They’ll hopefully make the album.

      Thanks again for listening. It means the world.

      – Kathy

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