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For some people, getting up early is a far from ideal experience. For me, especially when I’m writing and especially when I’m travelling, it is the best part of the day. Jet lag taps on my shoulder around 5am and, while my computer is softly whirring into action. I make a coffee and eat a banana (potassium for an impending workout). Then, once mails are dispensed with, I put on some music and get out my pad and pen. And write.

I am sure, like most people, I have thoughts that I don’t always manage to write down and it can often feel like it’s always the really good ones that get away. However, last night it did not escape.

There’s a California Pizza Kitchen across from the hotel. It has pretty good food and is nice and informal. I’m becoming a familiar face, with my books and pens and earphones and lists. They know to give me a booth. American restaurants are great for booths: we don’t have them much in the UK and it’s definitely a rarity in Paris. Anyways, I ordered salad and a glass of wine and put on my music and started to let my mind wander.

I have this idea that I remember telling my best friend’s kids during one of our story-telling sessions.  My idea was the following; we talk about how much we love somebody or how we think of them, but what if you could really see it and really feel it? In my mind, I said, it made me think of one of the big US movie studios trailers, where, at the beginning of the movie, they show their logo. For Paramount Pictures it’s a mountain peak with stars that swirl clockwise around the peak. Anyways, there’s this one movie company that shows an image of the earth from an aerial view. Heat rays appear, searing Latin America, like burning paper, as they rise up and reach towards the stars.  These rays move around the earth until, bam! the corporate logo appears. I have always liked this image because it’s how I see the power of love and thought in my mind’s eye.  The boys smiled and looked at each other in a curious fashion. I continued.

Imagine that, for every loving thought, you could see its trail. The sky would be filled with rays of all lengths and all widths and brightness; short and stubby, tall and slender, some put-putting along (that friend was probably getting distracted as they were thinking of you); some familiar, some brand new, some shooting up with confidence because they’re seasoned thinkers, others slow and careful, as first timers can be.

Loving vibes would fill the air, the wind would travel the land and lay down like a soft blanket at its end destination. There would be so much love in the air. Actually, that might be where the term ‘love is in the air’ comes from. We had fun with the idea and played around with the images and had a good laugh.

The boys are growing up but I have never lost this image from my head nor believed any less in its truth. This is a personal thing, is my belief and, as foolish as it may sound, it helps me live my life and love those around me, whether they be around the corner or around the world.

So, I was thinking about all this in the California Pizza Kitchen and wrote down the following wee something.

The Thought Of You

Across the world

A thought opens
Heartbeats rise
Hands reach out
Eyes open wide
Lips speak love
Minds cherish memories
And love travels the sky

To be with you



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