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Beyond The Fold is my vlog newsletter a.k.a. “vlogletter”. There’s always so much to tell you that I thought it’s quicker and more fun to tell you on camera! Vlogilicious :-).

In this second episode, I talk about:
The latest work in the studio (30 secs)
The pending single ‘Pocketful of Sand’ (1 mins 35 secs) and the artists with whom I collaborated (2 mins 37 secs)
New EP ‘2+2=4’ (4 mins 55 secs)
Like Warriors being performed live in Edinburgh on my recent trip home to Scotland (6 mins 15 secs)

I then sign off with a song (7 mins 15 secs) and do a Rough Diamond version of new song Same As Letting Go.

I’d really appreciate if you help me shape these vlogletters: Do you have questions about what equipment I use, what was the idea for a song, have I unplugged demos of bits of new songs etc., my favorite movies (I watched “Woman in Gold” recently. Brilliant).

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Thanks for watching and listening

Kathy x

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