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You can’t beat this feeling, having just come from the studio. I’m in the Cali Pizza Kitchen waiting on my salad. Wine already hitting the right places.

After a great weekend session combining my guide vocals with drums from Christopher Bright and bass, electric guitar and wurlitzer keyboards from Rory Carruthers, tonight was spent doing final vocal takes for Jezebel. Steve (Hi-Top Productions) even had me singing some skat. He’s a great producer and knows what the song needs and what he thinks you can do.

Fairytale Lies vocals were done on the weekend, so we’re now at the mixing and mastering stage.

However, we had 15 minutes remaining of studio time tonight before our next squeezed-in session on Wednesday. Steve had never heard The Piano Plays a Melody, having only just received the midi for the piano. To familiarise himself with the song prior to Wednesday’s session, Steve asked I do a guide vocal there and then. Wild horses… So, back in the vocal booth, lights down low and another moment when one of my ‘songs in the attic’ made voice, heart, emotions and memory all connect at once.

What a difference 15 minutes makes. A good friend once explained to me that art is permanent energy. I finally understood when I saw an Elizabeth Colborne woodblock print. I think I’m beginning to now know what it means in a musical context: singing that song felt like the first time. When melody and words connect, it is such an amazing feeling.

Hope you will think the same when it comes out on the album.

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