River Running sound byte exclusive.

This is an extract from the home demo version I sent to Steve (Producer) yesterday. Steve heard the complete song and liked it a lot, so we should be able to go into the studio early next week. I want to have as much of it done before then. I need to re-do the whole song and bring it down 2-3 semitones because, as you can tell, it’s too high for my vocal range. Re-doing the main guitar part is no problem, the challenge will be redoing the harmonies. I need to solo those tracks, take note of the notes played, transpose them and find new harmonics if they exist. I play by ear, so no music theory will help me but that’s fine, just a little extra time is required.

I hope you enjoy being a part of the beginning of the creative process for this song. If so, I’ll keep posting updates until the song is released.