Shadow (single)


  1. Shadow

Been in the shadows too long. New song ‘Shadow’ is out today Nov 22nd. This is one of seven up-tempo songs I’m releasing. The beat was inspired by singer-songwriter Tom Walker who posted a 30-second video of him playing to a small festival crowd a while back.

I loved the rhythm, so set about trying something new. Also new is the story of the song. This is for all the shy people in the world and how folks tell you to get out more. It’s about avoiding ‘acquaintance’ friendships and holding out for real ones: they last longer and will make you happier.

  Click here to watch the Shadow video  

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Below are three different sets of lyrics: 12point font size; purple Open Dyslexic font; Large Print in Arial 18point font size.

Shadow lyrics – 12pt

Shadow Lyrics – Open Dyslexic

Shadow lyrics – Large Print

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