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Soulful balladeer Kathy Muir conjures enlightened songs that paint vivid landscapes of her journey as she transforms elements of pop and folk into brand-new sounds. Her warm voice glides through lyrics that unfold like the words of an inviting diary.

Muir’s fine-tuned skills as a songwriter and a photographer as well as her willingness to share personal perspectives and bold emotions enrich her intimate, multidisciplinary approach to her art. Muir’s frequent collaborations with artists across media have allowed her to continuously evolve her work while extending the boundaries of singer/songwriter material into unexpected realms.

Where Art Meets Music

The possibilities presented by humanity’s creative canvas have always fascinated Muir. She has dedicated herself to unearthing the rich spaces where visual art, music, and poetry meet. Muir’s roots in spiritual songs have remained with her as she voyaged beyond Scotland, to France and ultimately Stamford, Connecticut, where she lived for six years until returning to her native Scotland mid 2018.

Along the way, she has found her own inner voice as a songwriter and an organic approach that is inspired as much by her personal experiences as it is by her own boundless energy and pure imagination. The melodies flow through her, and she ties them together with delicate threads of chords and lyrics.

Muir has released three albums between 2012 and 2016. In 2017 she released lo-fi EP “2+2=4”, more indie-led songwriting than her previous, acoustic-folk offerings.

What’s Next?

Muir has spent  2018 working on eight songs to be included in the ‘Double Take Series’. Each song is being released as a double A-side single – a nod to the original era of the singles of the mid 60’s. Each double A-side single comprises a hi-energy pop version and an acoustic/ambient version of the same song. The first in the series, ‘If I Can Breathe’ was released on 18 December 2018. It’s clear there’s more to this story.



If I Can Breathe is the first release in the Double Take Series. Read more about the making of If I Can Breathe and the idea for the Double Take Series here.





Cover art of new pop song 'If I Can Breathe'

Cover art of new pop song ‘If I Can Breathe’

This is the cover art for If I Can Breathe - Acoustic version

Cover Art for ‘If I Can Breathe’ – Acoustic version

Frame from Live Sessions video

Live Sessions of ‘If I Can Breathe’


Video still from River Running official video

Frame from music video ‘River Running’


Gareth Edwards pointillism sketch

Gareth Edwards pointillism sketch of Kathy Muir for song ‘Second Life’



New York's Empire State Building is the backdrop

New York’s Empire State Building is the backdrop to shooting ‘Troubled Town’

1 of 5 sketches by Instagram Artist 'Uniquelab'

1 of 5 ‘Pocketful of Sand’ sketches by IG artist ‘Uniquelab’






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