Cover Art for music video Stop Walk Talk

Stop Walk Talk video

Kathy Muir sitting at her desk and playing guitar

If I Can Breathe – in Lockdown

Chrome Music Lab for Songwriting

Songwriting with Chrome Music Lab & Kids? Yes please!

Kathy singing unplugged version of HUSH, out in Spring 2021

HUSH – a rough diamond in a Covid mine

Kathy. Muir 7 on 7 Show taking place on her staircase

Full Instagram Live ‘7 on 7’ Show – Playing for the Red Cross


You Never Knew Me artwork

You Never Knew Me (Official Music Video)

Music video frame of Kathy Muir singing You Never Knew Me

You Never Knew Me (Official Trailer)

1 of 5 sketches by Instagram Artist 'Uniquelab'

Pocketful of Sand in English

Cover Art: If I Can Breathe

If I Can Breathe (Acoustic)

This is the cover art for new pop song If I Can Breathe

If I Can Breathe (Official Music Video)

LIVE Rehearsal of ‘Let It All Go’

Song Set List for Stramash shpw

The Outtakes – Stramash rehearsals

Rough Diamond Session – Dancing On My Own

Rough Diamond Sessions – Find Me

Live show at Stramash 30 July (Trailer)

Kathy performing a rough diamond of Try Coming Round

Rough Diamond Sessions: Try Coming Round

Kathy Muir on stage at Rascal Flatts

Live at Rascal Flatts

Video still from River Running official video

River Running (Official Video)

River Running Official Trailer

River Running (Official Trailer) – when music meets nature

Pocketful of Sand in French – studio time!

Introducing Beyonf the Fold Newsletter by Scottish singer songwriter Kathy Muir

“Beyond The Fold” – Vlogletter#4 out now

Filming Try Coming Round

Try Coming Round (Official Video)

Try Coming Round (Official Trailer)

Watch Edition 3 of Vlog Newsletter 'Beyond the Fold'

“Beyond The Fold” – Vlogletter#3 out now

Pocketful sketches

Music video Pocketful of Sand: South Korean/Scottish collaboration

“Beyond The Fold” Vlogletter #2 Out now

Pocketful of Sand interview

The Making of ‘Pocketful of Sand’: 3 countries, 3 artists

Pocketful sketches

Pocketful of Sand (Official Trailer) – Sand, song and a story to tell

“Beyond The Fold” Vlogletter#1 Out Now

Same As Letting Go (Rough Diamond)

Same As Letting Go (Full Rough Diamond Version)

When BBC Taboo inspires a new song entitled Same As Letting Go

Same As Letting Go, inspired by BBCTaboo show – Rough Diamond Session #2

Did I Dream a Dream or a Nightmare

Same As Letting Go, inspired by BBCTaboo show – Rough Diamond Session #1

An Insight in the Creative Process – New song

Born By The Water – Live at The Acoustic

Honey Child – Live at The Acoustic

Try Coming Round – Live at The Acoustic

If I Can Breathe – Live at The Acoustic

Si Doucement – Live at The Acoustic

You Never Knew Me – Live at The Acoustic

‘The Other Side’ introduces Cafe Nine show

Troubled Town (Official Video)

Troubled Town video thumbnail

‘Troubled Town’ Trailer

Si Doucement

Better Man (unplugged)

Exclusive footage discovered of Second Life songs

Second Life (Official Video)

Introducing Second Life artist Gareth Edwards

The Other Side (Official Video)

The Other Side (first ever live performance)

Art and Music

‘If I Can Breathe’ live at T489

Always Forever (live)

black and white photo of a Music box up close

‘Sous Le Ciel de Paris’ – Music box

Best of three

Tyger MacNeal laying down drums on new song ‘Now’

Interview with Harry and Kathy (video)

Bluesy and uncut! – Born By The Water

‘Better Man’ from the ‘When Harry Met Kathy’ sessions

Like Warriors’ (live) feat. Harry Whalley

Rickenbacker, what?

Like Warriors (Official Video)

Believe the Impossible

Interview after Like Warriors event, Oxgangs Edinburgh

Like Warriors appeal for photos for music video

Sparkling grey and white close up of a face looking to the left

‘Head Down’ Official video

One Step Away

Girl in a recording room sitting on a chair with guitar singing to the mic

You and Me Both – one-take studio recording

A Better Man

Keep on Walking – Live at The Fez

Born By the Water – live at The Fez

“Fairytale Lies” Live at The Fez Sep 30

Born By the Water (Official Video)

Born By the Water (trailer)

Sunny Summer impromtu: Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Simple Man

Raising ‘Born By The Water’ – studio time!

Second Life (Home Demo)

Heaven in Your Eyes (Live)

Simply That (live)

Seattle Mornin’ (Official Video)

Playing For Change

Keep on Walking (Official Video)

Kathy Muir You Tube Channel

78Project’s first ever vinyl

Soul Lover

Live at The Fez 16 August 2013

One Step Away (Official Video)

Introducing ‘Jezebel’

Jezebel (Official Video)

Head Down extract filmed 12 October 2012

A Ghost in Reverie

You and Me Both

Piano Plays A Melody (Official Video)

Seattle Mornin’ (The Painter)

Sweet and Easy (Official Video)

Feeling Good at Seaside

Always Forever at Seaside

Ties of Love (Official Video)

Heaven In Your Eyes (Official Video)

Performing ‘Seattle Mornin’

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