2+2=4 (EP)


  1. The Other Side
  2. River Running
  3. Try Coming Round
  4. You Never Knew Me

The Creative Process –

The process for producing ‘2+2’ was thanks in large part to constantly listening to a lot of indie folk artists, especially Joshua James. His use of high reverb helped set the tone for writing when, one day, I discovered by chance a sound that set the wheels in motion for writing one of the songs. You see, I’d been playing with my Roland Micro Cube amp. I was leaning it against the wall at one end of the room, and playing my acoustic guitar at the other end. As I was playing around with some initial concepts, I pressed ‘record’ on my iPhone. When I played back the rough, it was very cool: I could hear the real sound of the acoustic guitar yet also hear an effect from the amp that was distorted and kind of lo-fi.

This essentially set the tone for the rest of the EP: stripped down songs sound-wise and stripped down lyrics, honest and organic. You can listen to them and take from them what you will. Nevertheless, I can give you a brief description of what each song is about though the lyrics will tell you much more :-).

The Other Side talks about intolerance yet still seeking hope as the tool that will win the day

River Running compares a stream becoming a river with a child becoming a man and the course we journey through

Try Coming Round revolves around a conversation between a cynic and an optimist

You Never Knew Me is the poetry of a life’s journey that invariably involves three moments in time: past, present, future.


What is a Roland Micro Cube Amp?

This little guy made a special appearance on two songs and was instrumental in sculpting the sound for the remaining two songs.  The images below were taken when the amp visited the main studio so that we could try to replicate the sound I had discovered at home.


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