Soundcloud – a bedrock of inspiration.

I was listening to my favorite playlist on Soundcloud. Entitled Brotherly Love – because my brother got me into ambient music – the playlist contains nearly 100 tracks. Anyways, I was on my teeny balcony watching the sun set over the horizon when this song came on.

For whatever reason, words started to walk towards me. When that happens, I know to pick up my pen and notebook because the walking-of-words will become a frantic sprint. When that happens, I need to be ready to help them to the finishing line. And so, I began to write whatever came to mind while I set the song to repeat-play.

After a while, the music became a distant hum as words took the lead. Eventually, the last stragglers of syllables and consonants made it past the finishing line and received their reward.  ‘An Orchestra of Words’ was written. If you listen to Wildes ‘Bare’ as you read the poem, I wonder if you feel the words differently?

An Orchestra of Words

She slips into the room, unannounced, unheard

Lets her small voice slip between stone-aged curves

Unadulterated, still unfound

Unsure, still without sound


Her hand reaches over, tentative to fear

A soft skin enveloping a hand young with years

In that moment I saw all she could be

And wished more for her than I did ever for me


Fingers point softly to the words on a page

Her middle one directing the orchestra’s gaze

With words plain in view, they began to be heard

As the symphony rose, and her words gently stirred


In this quiet summer air she began to take breath

And the generations before who’d wished they’d been there

Let their memories rise up and come to the stage

An assembly of souls, in unison, played


As she walked with words, her voice did rise

And the syllables danced while the consonants cried

The violins skipped haughtily to the beat of her drum

And the cellos mourned gleefully at this prodigal son


The crescendo, you ask, it shone for all to hear?

You ask that of me, why not ask that of her?

When a young girl makes words come alive on the page

An orchestra of souls will always come to the stage

An Orchestra of Words listening to Soundcloud_Kathy Muir

‘An Orchestra of Words’ was written listening to Soundcloud playlist featuring WILDES song ‘Bare’.

Here is the complete playlist if you’d to listen to some of my favorite tunes by other artists.

4 thoughts on “Soundcloud – a Bedrock of Inspiration

    1. Hi Paul, I’m so glad you think so. I like this idea of stream of consciousness; just letting your mind appreciate what the music makes you feel. It’s nice to get some feedback, so thanks for taking the time to comment :).

    1. Thanks for reading it. I love writing about the creative process in all its guises. Especially if it inspires you to write :-). I wonder what you’ll write?…

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