Performing to help the Red Cross

I’m no stranger to doing shows but in these difficult times and with the profusion of great music being performed online, I wasn’t sure now was the right time. Having said that, I feel people are hurting, are wanting a distraction, wanting to see and hear things that make them forget for a little while. And this is where the idea of playing for the Red Cross and garnering donations first came about.

For me personally, I want to try to help the NHS. However, I’m very aware of my U.S. friends after my seven years there and still feel I’m a part of that world. I also know folks who listen to my songs are Stateside, in the UK and in Australasia.

Red Cross Music Donations

So, instead of you coming to see me play and pay an entry fee, I want to do a show where you can contribute not to my pockets but to those of organisations on the frontline fighting against COVID-19. Which organisation straddles all those countries with the same goal?

Which Organisation?

We’re all in this together. Rather than ask you to donate to different organisations specific to your country, I really feel the Red Cross is a global-wide organisation that, across countries, is:

  • Taking care of vulnerable people
  • Delivering food and medical supplies to those self-isolating
  • Getting people home safely after leaving hospital, thus helping to free up hospital beds
  • Easing pressure in A&E and ER rooms by providing practical and emotional support

It’s also been working with NHS hospitals for the last 70 years.

Stairway to Heaven

Perhaps now you can see why playing is a joy for me but playing for the Red Cross and hopefully having some of you make a donation would be huge. I want to create a show where you feel immersed in my world, my home. I think you’ll be able to put your feet up, open a beer, have a glass of wine or whatever is your concoction and enjoy a journey of songs.

My staircase where the ‘7 on 7’ show will take place

When and Where?

Instagram Live on Saturday 18th April at 7pm GMT, which is 2PM Eastern Standard Time and 11am Pacific Time. In Australia it’s 4am the next morning but that means you have something nice to look forward to over breakfast!

What is Instagram Live and how do I join it?

After opening Instagram you’ll see the Stories bar showing a row of accounts. These show different avatars inside circles. If you see the word “Live” at the bottom of a user’s circle in red or pink, the user is currently live. Just click on their avatar.

Instagram Live

See you there

POSTSCRIPT: I’ll be doing three more weekly shows on 25 April, May 2 and May 9. Any song requests from my portfolio of work, please get in touch.

Kathy x

American Red Cross

British Red Cross

Australian Red Cross

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