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Birdsong before sunrise

I caught a wonderful moment in the early hours of this morning when I heard a birdsong with a difference.

I rose an hour before sunrise. There’s something about the times in which we’re currently living that makes me want to see a virgin morning before the news and its reporting of ever-increasing numbers of those with the virus. During these early morning hours, the wind still blows, birds still sing, squirrels still dart around these suburban gardens, all doing so freely while we are home-bound.

I hear back to basics being mentioned a lot on the news, in conversations and in articles. It means different things to different people. I think the recent deluge of people visiting nature parks – just before nationwide lockdown – was us reminding ourselves we’re not above nature – as many seem to have forgotten – but that we’re a part of it and we need to feel connected. Perhaps that’s why we often use the term Mother Nature.

An image of Kathy Muir's Beauty in the Aye virtual Gallery
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Sunrise sounds – birdsong

These early morning hours are a solace, a balm to soothe each unfolding day. On this particular morning, I was listening to #calmclassics on Spotify whilst writing a letter. It was 6 am or so, around the time nature wakes up.

At first, you hear a wave of birds chit-chattering. It’s as if the garden is like a local street. Neighbours are opening their doors to start the day, getting their kids to school, saying hi to neighbours, or to getting themselves off to work. It reminds me of movie scenes from Beauty and the Beast or Oliver Twist’s Who Will Buy (My Sweet Red Roses).

Slowly, the hustle and bustle recede, and an odd conversation remains. On this particular morning, perched on a gnarled old tree, a lone bird filled his little lungs and sang to a beat that matched perfectly with Alexis Ffrench‘s song Moments. Indeed, a moment was had. Even better, I managed to capture it using Record Voice Pro.

Little things can make a big difference.

As can these blessed mornings.

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