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I lean over her, lines marked with years

She seeks my eyes, more than the words she hears

Asks me again, and I repeat my words

The mouth weakens, eyes water and her words stir


Chip, chip, chipping away


They misunderstood her, and the call that she took

A distraction to them, yet they didn’t look

Or hear, or listen


It was a call that came out of the blue

She didn’t know it would take as long as it took

As she appealed and explained the state of her cause

The outside listeners felt it was not of their laws


They didn’t hear, they didn’t listen


The minutes grew long, and she made her cause heard

She hung up the phone, and happily stirred

Yet someone complained it was not of their laws

She felt betrayed and concerned. Confused at what laws?


Chip, chip, chipping away


I listened, I heard, I wrote words to explain

Why she did what had to, please don’t cast blame

The reply was welcome, gentle and kind

We all go through things and we shouldn’t be blind

For a moment in a day is different to all

We all try to survive, to save ourselves from the fall


She picked up her bag, put her tears away

And headed home after another office day


This reminded me of a day when I was young

A baby egg from a nest had fallen to the ground

I sought help from the older kids close by

But when I showed them the egg and asked the reasons why

They used it like a ball, throwing it to each other

And gleefully shouted, why should I bother?


Chip, chip, chipping away


I watched helpless, broken at the cruel display

The unborn chick that never became

And swore I would never let that happen again


Our souls are like pure eggs

Smooth to the surface with some cracks to address

But with love and guidance, and some self-belief

We learn to take care of the above and the beneath


So, beneath neon lights on a corporate day

I hoped I took this woman’s pain away

And protect her egg

For just one more day


Don’t let anyone chip, chip, chip away

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