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Manic Manhattan

The hustle and bustle of New York City and downtown Manhattan. I had just arrived at Grand Central station after taking the train from Connecticut on the New Haven Line. There is a myriad of exists pouring out of the station. When you travel into the city as much for work, you sometimes like to switch up your commute.

Which station exit?

On this particular day, I chose a completely different exist that would have me surface further west than my traditional northerly exit. I joined the line of commuters snaking along the underground corridors until we reached an elevator. Like cars on a highway when a lane is closed, we hustled and bustled until there was only one line of well-suited and booted workers.

Getting in Line

We each stepped onto the elevator and looked up in search of daylight and street level. Halfway up the elevator, I was able to see New York’s crustacean buildings and their rising peeks. I was looking from a different perspective, that of being underground.

I reached for my camera just as these two Jewish gentlemen came into view. They walked at an identical pace, shopping bags in hand. Something about them caught my attention.

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