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Well, it’s finally here. After 18 months, the second album Book Cover Judge is finally on the shelves. Normally when I do shows I play a mix of songs from the first album Far From Entirely, plus songs from Book Cover Judge and then my favorites of the moment which will be released on one of the next EPs coming out  Summer/Fall.

The show at Seaside Tavern will be totally different. For the first time I will play the album in its entirety. Unplugged. The opening rock tune Head Down, followed by the moody and sensual Soul Lover. Then a pause to step away from our lives and look at others less fortunate. After Keep on Walking is You’re on My Mind, a laid back jazzy-ish affair. Next up is an acoustic song on the album which has never before been played in public entitled Lover’s Eyes. Back to soft rock comes in the form of Back to You and then we stop to pause with a gentle rendition of Always Forever.

A change of style entirely is played out with I Will Be There, which is funky on the album but in acoustic form more jazzy. I’ve still not made up my mind if I’ll play You and Me Both as a ballad or as a mid tempo rock song. Then we have the beautiful Seattle Mornin’, for which I hope painter Paul Larson is in the house given he was instrumental in creating the painting and playing a part in the music video.

A really energetic song on the album, with drums that do well to represent the sound of old locomotive trains is Ride These Times set in the late 1920’s/early 30’s and the days of riding the trains. I make a fair noise with just me and the guitar in this acoustic version.

To finish the show is a special song. Softly is a real spiritual song for me. It was recorded on the album with a 60’s soul-feel in mind.  Unplugged it will be as simple in sound as it was when it first came to me. Softly indeed.

So, that’s it. I hope that gives you a feel for what you’ll hear and hope you’ll come down to Seaside Tavern and share with me this special moment!

Date: March 18th

Time: 8pm to 8.45pm

Place: Seaside Tavern, 891 Cove Rd, Stamford, CT 06902

Book Cover Judge Unplugged at Seaside Tavern

Book Cover Judge Unplugged at Seaside Tavern