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Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh

On a cold Summer’s morning… wait that can’t be right! Unfortunately, it is. Edinburgh in June 2012 was not the brightest of months, as any Scot will tell you. Most Scots know weather like the back of their hand. Our fair city has been likened to that of Melbourne, as recounted by Crowded House in their song ‘Four Seasons in One Day’.

Not that we needed to worry. We were shooting indoors but, when you’re carrying equipment, well frankly, anything can happen.

We drove to Edinburgh’s Voodoo Rooms, a wonderfully ornate bar in the heart of the city, which makes you feel like you’re walking onto a movie set from the roaring twenties. Tasteful overhead lighting, comfortable leather booth seats, and a real mix of shabby chic for any social reveller.

Heading home

The atmosphere was just what we needed to shoot the performance shots. We gave ourselves plenty of time to explore lighting, angles, pace, and timing especially: Markus had me walk up on stage ‘with attitude’ as I headed for the mic, put on my guitar and started to sing the song on cue.  It’s amazing how many times I performed Jezebel (probably 15-20 times) but never got tired of singing it.

A long day’s shoot finally came to an end. Tired and more satisfied with the work we’d done than the scant bottle of water and bacon buttie lining our stomachs, we waited outside the venue for the cabbie to pick us up and take us home to some delicious pizza and wine.

The other location for shooting Jezebel was a relaxed session with the band in the home studio, just kicking back and having some fun. It was great spending time with friends and us being all together again and enjoying this adventure of shooting music videos. Markus put the guys at rest thanks to his calm and reassuring manner, gave a little instruction and worked magic from the four different corners of the room. A few hours later we were finished, as was the fresh coffee jar. I was pleased.

Markus taught me early on that it is key to have as much video footage from as many angles as possible and to record as many ideas as you can because, once editing commences, there’s no going back and re-shooting that missing shot.

I also realised that some parts of the video editing process are similar to the songwriting process: you have lots of ‘pieces’  you create but are not sure where they fit into the project, if indeed at all. The only way to decide is to know the material inside out. On the songwriting side, I listen to versions of melodies, lyrics, syllables and indeed individual notes, in order to determine which version works best in context. Conversely, Markus reviews all  footage faithfully, until he knows every frame in his mind’s eye. Only then does he start to work on the video. Markus can talk much more about this than I can, so we’ll have to do an interview with him when we’re next on location and you can hear him talk directly.

I hope you enjoy the video and kick back a little yourself with the band: Harry on piano, Nick on Bass, Ewan on Harmonica, and Dave on drums.

Jezebel is released on Facebook on 26th August as a free download for 5 days only.

– Kathy

Ewan, Nick and Kathy

Ewan, Nick and Kath


When Harry met Kathy

Kathy and Harry

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