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Hi-Top Mixing DeskThe worldwide release of the music video ‘Jezebel’ is due out on August 26th. The song has been recorded in different locations and in several countries over the last few years, each mix with its own style and sound. However, it wasn’t until working on ‘Sweet and Easy’ with Steve Hansen of Hi-Top Productions, that I felt the song could really have a chance of living and breathing in its own space.

Steve, a consummate musician and extremely sensitive music producer, knew what to bring to the production side of the process. Having only ever played the song in an acoustic set, my tendency was to slap the guitar into submission and belt out vocals in certain areas so as to help the soft, sassy vocal sections stand out. Steve changed all that. I learned how to play just enough guitar to help it take its place on stage and enough main vocals to let backing vocals shine.

Christopher Bright and Rory Carruthers played their drums and bass parts well from sunny California. With the backbone of the song now in place, the other instruments came easily and naturally dressed the song. You just know you need a harmonica and Wurlitzer piano on this kind of song. Steve would send the files over to Scotland as each layer was added and I would listen to the songs and prepare the vocals in anticipation for our next session. Visits to the USA were tight back in October/November, so it was clear that time was at a premium. Thankfully, much advance preparation meant that we pretty much did the vocals in one session and any questions regarding  final edits and actual arrangement were resolved in another session.

Not all songs were this straightforward I might add. The lesson here is that, to truly do a song justice, producer and artist need to see the same musical vision and have creative similarities which tie them together. This allows the core ideas to be more readily accepted and the more ‘abstract’ (i.e. problematic ideas) to be discussed in a positive environment and eventually crafted in such a way that both parties accept them. You can never talk too much about the collaborative process, its dynamic is a story in of itself!

But I will, because it’s time to go. For now.

Jezebel is released on Facebook on 26th August as a free download for 5 days only.


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