Muir Delivers Impactful, Compelling New Single Pocketful of Sand

“We have been supporting the music and art of Kathy Muir for years at this point so I’m always excited when she sends me something new.

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The thing I love most about Kathy, and also what separates her from the overwhelming amount of indie musicians in the world, is her focus on creating epic pieces of art.

She is more than just a songwriter. Her work is pure art for the love of art and she supports the art of others while creating and promoting her own. It’s a beautiful synergy of artistic talent that you don’t find often enough among creatives.

When Art Meets Music

The new single and video Pocketful of Sand is the perfect display of what I am trying to explain.


This is a beautifully minimal song driven by an engaging, heart-tugging piano melody. Kathy’s vocal strength and her unwavering presence carry us through an atmosphere of reflection and mindful wondering.

The video features the impactful artwork of South Korea’s Jun Sung Hyun. SungHyun brings the visual aspects of Kathy’s lyrics and music to life.

I spent months trawling the internet to find a ‘visual language’ with which to speak to Sean so that images in my mind’s eye when writing the song could come to life…” says Kathy.

If you want more details about the making of the song and video, Kathy has produced a behind the scenes video about her process.

You can also stay in touch with Kathy and engage with her directly by tuning into her Beyond the Fold vlogletters.

Pocketful of Sand became available to the public on May 19th. You can watch the official video below or on YouTube.

Get the latest news and learn more about Kathy Muir on her official website.

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