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12 days to… Stop Walk Talk

I’m excited to announce that new single ‘Stop Walk Talk‘ is hitting stores mid December.

I wrote and recorded Stop Walk Talk pre-pandemic but never felt there was a right time to share it. We continue to live with and through COVID. As we head into the festive holidays, with all its gloss and sparkle, now seems the perfect time to release it. Why?

Three Monkeys

The seed of the song grew one day when I was thinking about the Japanese proverb “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. I know there are various meanings but I’ve always understood it to be about nurturing positive thoughts, about being mindful of what we say and what we do.

How often do we fall short? We say we’ll do something but forget; we promise we’ll catch up soon but things are just a little hectic right now. And then there’s the allure of today’s amazing gadgets, games and goodies in today’s society that has convinced us buying more purchases means more happiness.

All this distraction can result in our forgetting the little things that matter a lot: making time for each other.

Tell me you’re fine – lyrics from Stop Walk Talk

Stop Walk Talk is about being open enough to say ‘I need you, I miss our chats’. And not being scared of saying it. We don’t always know what someone is going through, but if we gave them some time, we might…Who knows, we might have a good laugh as well! 🙂

Fancy a walk?

Spotify Pre Save

For any of you who want to get first dibs on Stop Walk Talk when it comes out on the stroke of midnight 17th December, why not pre-save the single. Stop Walk Talk will then automatically go into your Spotify library when it’s released.

More to follow and a few surprises to boot

Stay tuned for more updates about the making of the song, the recording process, and the video which is being made as we speak.

Oh, and I want to write a special post about trying to make this song 100% accessible

Kathy x

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