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I’m sharing a home video caught on Saturday afternoon (by my niece :-)) at Oxjam Edinburgh’s musical event, in concert with Greater Grassmarket. It’s only a fun video and wonky in places but it will give you a sense of an event held for such a good cause :-).

Of the 14-song set, six were caught on film:
If I Can Breathe (forthcoming double a-side single)
Same As Letting Go (forthcoming double a-side single) (1 min, 30 secs)
Better Man (album Book Cover Judge) (6 mins 20 secs)
Like Warriors (album Second Life) (10 mins)
Jezebel (album Far From Entirely) (15 mins 10 secs)
Really Tell (forthcoming double a-side single) (19 mins 18 secs)

Thanks to all those who came to watch (especially family members from all over Scotland), to Edinburghers and tourists who made up such a fine audience, and to Oxjam Edinburgh and Greater Grassmarket for inviting me to play.

We all hope we made a small yet significant difference in your fundraising efforts.

Kathy x


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