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This poem was written in a stream of consciousness writing session and is about those we need to listen to more carefully if we are to hear their true voice.


Those the gentle silent, let them be heard

We may see little, but their words do stir

The fractious and unwilling to realise they are living

Among these silent souls

Those the wide-eyed birds, let them still soar

Beyond city rooftops and distant seashores

Craving mouths and ruptured cries abound

Let not we try to deafen their sound

For who are we to judge what is right and what is wrong

To think we know it all, yet eclipse mystery’s song

We all share silence, it is the notes found in between

That remind us who we are and how we should be

And if one day you find you come upon

A silent soul or wide-eyed bird in song

Learn from them, learn how they take flight

To grace the day that falls to night

Those who arrest our thoughts

Those gentle silent

Those wide-eyed birds

‘Those’ was written to the music of Sam Ock’s ‘Be Still and Know’ which helped sustain the creative spark that can go out all too quickly.

The notebook used to write the poem 'Those' Notebook where ‘Those’ was written while listening to Sam Ock’s ‘Be Still and Know’ on repeat.

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