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I’m looking through boxes and throwing out unwanted papers as part of my move back home to Scotland and the need to downsize.

I came upon an old wallet and discovered photos my best friend Anna Bengtsson had taken when I was living in an Islington Council flat half a lifetime ago. Swedish Anna had a keen eye, shot and developed her own photographs and was my hero for having toured around Spain on her 250cc. With a pillion passenger!

She was gentle, creative, spiritual and strong. Don’t worry, I use the past tense but only because I don’t know where she is now :). Anyways, Anna also played guitar and we became close friends through our creative exploits of film, music and social exploits of bars and beer :).

Anna wanted to build up her portfolio and asked if I would be her guinea pig, to which I agreed. So, on one very rainy Saturday evening Anna came over to the flat and took a series of shots, directing me along the way. It was the first time I’d ever done something like this. Holding these printed photos in my hand, I can recall my mood at that time – my optimism of and enthusiasm for life.

You know, when I discover such gems as these, witnesses to moments in time, I am truly joyous of the life I lived back then, am living now and hopefully will continue to live in the future. All with the same spirit of excitement: that life is and continues to be such a discovery.

Here’s to you Anna, wherever you may be :-).

Anna Bengtsson- photography and old friend

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    1. Hi Joshi, thanks for taking the time to read the story and see the photos. So sorry about the delay in replying: some glitch on my side but all is working now.

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