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Diamond in the Rough

As part of a 2-hour show at Edinburgh’s Stramash on 30 July, 2018, I’m including four covers. For some reason, the lyrics weren’t sticking in my head. So I thought I’d slow it down and record a rough diamond. This is what I came up with and, I have to say, I like it equally. There are so many good pop songs out there but not all of them work as a ballad. For me personally, Find Me comes into its own when it has a moment to breathe. It’s as if the words get a chance to shine. The singer is able to move with the songs and switch up the dynamics to reflect the words.

Acoustic ballads take some real effort to come across as well as they should. After all, there is only a guitar and a voice. Both have to work to create the swells, the drops, the silences and the rousing moments. But it’s a challenge I embrace, which is why I like recording rough diamond. Hopefully, you’ll agree when you hear this version of the song.

So, this sweet song is now a member of the ‘Rough Diamond Sessions’. These are songs that are rough cut and still to be polished up. Let me know what you think, and if you recognise the song. Listen to Find Me here.

It’s showtime

My two-hour event is bursting with new material that is pumped up and biting at the bit to be heard. All songs have either/or drums, percussion, piano or guitar, and some are in French. It is going to be a belter of a show. Come and enjoy a great night of acoustic pop songs as you’ve never heard them before. I’m delighted to be joined on stage by artist Mike McKenzie.

New songs, new sounds, new arrangements, and some surprises!

See you there!

Rough Diamond of song Find Me

Cover artwork for ballad pop song ‘Find Me’

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