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I’m sitting in Artisan Roast, my favourite cafe in Bruntsfield this early Friday morning. I’m listening to a piece entitled Stepping Stones and Fireflies I created a few weeks ago but hadn’t found time to work on until now. If you’re interested in the creative process, this is how it can start.

I picked up the guitar a few weeks ago and started playing some notes that quickly conjured up a melody. I played the notes and melody until the notes became chords and the melody became different voices.

What’s exciting about this simple piece is that it’s a stream of consciousness in which there are three variations or parts. You may not be able to hear it but I know this 2min 38 secs piece contains a verse, pre-chorus, chorus and bridge.

You’re hearing a song at its very, very basic level :-).

Onomatopeia and lyrics

As for the coffee shop this morning, well, as I don’t yet have lyrics nor want to lose the way I sing the notes, I wrote words that marry the notes I’m singing on the recording. It’s these words that you see in my notebook. Some of these words will stay, many will go, but the important thing is to preserve the nectar of the song when it first came out and uttered a sound.

And the title ‘Stepping Stones and Fireflies’? This is a concept I’ve been mulling over recently, seeing how we deal with pressures in life and how important it is to stop, breathe, take one step at a time and try to see light instead of darkness. It’s not meant to be a depressing song but an uplifting one. We’ll see.

Why not join me on the journey of making this song. I’ll be sharing notes, words, demos as the song begins to grow, both on YouTube and here on my website. If you want to see an example of another song I shared from scratch, check out these links


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