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What a lovely, lovely evening performing and enjoying the reverie with revelers at Tautog Tavern. Folks, you have to come to Tautog Tavern on a Sunday evening. I mean, we’re always getting ready for ‘school’ on a Sunday evening, trying to be good, avoiding a late night, and ensuring we have a good night’s sleep. But, from 8-11pm you can be listening to great performers, having a beer and chatting with folks. It’s such a great way to spend an evening. All artists play 30 minutes, the sound is superb thanks to Kwame Henry Jones and Tautog owners and staff.

I have so many new songs I play live that you may not see released for months and months, so why not stop by. My next gig at Tautog is August 20th, so I hope to see you there.

Below is a list of songs I played tonight. Thank you, everyone, for being so hospitable and welcoming to this Scot. You made my night.

Same As Letting Go (recorded, unreleased)
Morning Song (recorded, unreleased)
Inside out (recorded, unreleased)
The Borderline (3 days old, unreleased)
Born By The Water (album Book Cover Judge)
Shadow (10 days old, unreleased)
If I Can Breathe (recorded, unreleased)

See you on the 20th!


Ps, thank you ‘Storytime’ Bob Edwards and Ray Simonelli for making such a great evening. Mando, thank you for being a fan .

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