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It was January. Christmas was over and done with. I had spent 10 days and nights in Europe. Don’t get me wrong­­––it was fun seeing friends and family but when you live overseas, there’s a lot of visiting that goes on when you go home for the holidays. And frankly, by mid-January, I felt I needed a proper holiday from the holidays, one that didn’t involve travel and didn’t involve much talking. Food and wine, well, that’s a different story!

Hearing my wish to get away from it all, a friend suggested I go to Woodstock and rent a little cabin in the woods just for the weekend. And that’s what I did. On the first day, I enjoyed the discovery that is Woodstock. It’s a pretty amazing place steeped in rock and roll history but also, not to get all airy fairy, a place for quiet inspiration and spiritual rejuvenation of sorts.

The first day in Woodstock was about about being a tourist, just taking the time to walk around, see the streams, lakes and hills. I only really started to feel creative a day after settling into the cabin. It was early Sunday evening, the wood burner was belting out heat like a furnace; I had some wine, pen and paper, a whole heap of fingerpicks, my guitar, and something to record with. I felt inspired creatively, largely influenced by the beautiful scenic Woodstock imagery and the essence of the place I’d experienced the day before. So much so that this seeped into words.

I came away from that weekend with a song called “Born by the Water.” It not only felt an earthy song but a song that was born out of Woodstock, hopefully confused with the same spirit. For me, Woodstock was infused in and the melody, lyrics and in the orchestration.

Between February and April, we recorded the song in the studio and in August, I went back up to Woodstock to film the music video with Vincent Carnevale. Radio Woodstock were good enough to have me on their show and agreed to spin the song. The studio scenes of Celtic duo Morrigan’s Wing, took place here in Connecticut in Hi Top Productions’ recording studio, which I have been using for the last three years. That was a feat of calendar engineering, I must say! Trying to get calendars synced up across five individuals was a worthy of the challenge but one that succeeded.

By the time you read this the music video will have gone live on YouTube and the single will officially be out on iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Beats, Spotify, Rdio and all other online purveyors of fine music.

If you want to know anything else about this project, I would love to hear from you. I always write back!

Thanks for reading, until the next blog.


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